Cake Flavours

I make all sorts of cake flavours so the answer to your question “can you do…..” – is YES!

You know the cakes you get from the supermarkets – dry, foamy, tasteless. That’s because they are made from some ingredients that are bulked and chemicalled into submission.

Mine are made by me, at home (ok, in the converted Garage) from the sort of ingredients you would recognize: Butter, sugar, flour, jam, fruit. So of course they taste remarkably like the cakes your gran would have made – because they are made the same way ! So the cake flavours you get from me are what you expect, not a commercial version

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

Typically made for Christmas or weddings, these are made from great ingredients, baked slowly, cooled. And then the work starts… feeding them with brandy, turning, feeding the other side (repeat!). That takes some time, so you need to order these early.

Victoria Sponge

victoria sponge

This is the absolutely classic cake flavour. relatively simple to make & i make it with only the best ingredients. I normally use a thick layer of  buttercream and seedless raspberry jam to hold the two thick layers of moist, yummy cake together



Carrot Cake

carrot cake

I make this with plenty of cinnamon and other spices, lots of carrots and walnuts. This makes it a delightfully moist cake. The buttercream is fabulous as well, with an element of sharpness to round the cake off. If i’m doing this for coffee shops, it is finished with liberal amounts of nuts on the sides / top & as many little carrots (from sugar paste) as the number of servings

Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake

I do three types of chocolate cake – one with a buttermilk recipe, one with beetroot and finally a gluten free version with almonds. All are very good so you’re sure to find one you like if chocolate is your thing.



lemon polenta gluten freeGluten Free Cake

This is a fabulously moist & tasty gluten free cake. I supply many of these each week (eek!) to local coffee shops. Its not just the gluten intolerant – everyone loves this cake in the coffee shops. It just goes to show that you can make great cakes without the gluten – you just need to choose someone that gets plenty of practice (me for instance!). I also do some egg free cakes.