Cake Portions

Cake portions – or how many will this cake feed ?

Lots of people aren’t sure about cake portions & order cakes without having a great idea about how many people a cake will feed, and that’s not what you need at a big celebration  especially a wedding, so here is a guide. Its based on 1″ square pieces for fruit cake & 1×2″ for sponges. For novelty shapes i will work with you to get the right size for your party.

Its not so easy to cut “portions” from big cakes, so this guide from Wilton will help you – Its worth a quick read before you are stood in front of a huge cake. Reading it after the wedding to find out what went wrong is …. too late ! In many of the larger venues that do multiple weddings, they will take the cake away and cut it for you before returning it on serving dishes – worth asking before though….