Engagement Cake

Engagement Cake for celebration party

This engagement cake was for a party in November and was really nice when it was finished. The white fondant looked really nice with the studding of the silver making it look like a big box with padding and a ring inside.

Its an interesting time getting engaged – lots of commitment and ideas flying around. So a nicely made, perfect engagement cake can act as a great centerpiece for a family do or a huge party – depends what size you order. I’ve got a “size & portions” post here that you can use to check.

I thought it would be nice, so i did another engagement cake the same with a bigger ring for a wedding show.

Engagement cake as ring box with ring




Martial Art Cake in Black & White for a Black Belt Grading Celebration

This martial art cake was ordered by someone helping her friends celebrating getting their 2nd Dan black belts in Tae Kwon Do.  The cake is classic sponge with white fondant icing and a simple but effective iconic image. The cake is stenciled with “congratulations” and the board has black writing.

What a lovely idea by one of the team. It doesnt take much thought, but will be remembered for years.

Could also be done for Karate, Judo … anything with significant gradings


Martial art cake for grading celebrations

Martial art cake for grading celebrations









Dalek Birthday Cake: Are they set to invade earth one last time & be eaten?

This Dalek Birthday Cake was done for a birthday and needed to be  a gold coloured one. Jon Pertwee would have known what to do with this – i recall that a handkerchief was the main weapon of choice – just drop it over the eye stalk and bingo: it spun around uselessly saying “My vision is impaired! I cannot see!!”. Sad really – and of course they couldn’t get up the stairs. Apparently the guy that invented them was given an hour to come up with the design – and started playing with a pepper pot on the table. The rest is history.

So when you have a great idea for a birthday cake, you should assume i can do it. I am happy working to a picture you’ve found, or equally happy with a wide brief that needs me to put a creative hat on.

So when I say i can make all sorts of cakes – i mean it, as you can see form the dalek birthday cake picture. No – really…. call me & find out for yourself….. now… whats your idea for a great cake ?.

Dalek birthday cake



Rapunzel birthday cake. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

Rapunzel birthday cake – and when a little girl wants that, its just got to have a tower. And a lot of hair. The design was based on pictures of central european towers. The base was a big green sponge done to look like a hill. Rapunzels hair was also sugar past. In fact everything you can see is edible & irresistable to kids (and big kids a.k.a. adults)

I worried that the tower would fall as its about 10″ tall – but i neednt have worried – with all the experience i’m getting it was very solid.


Rapunzel birthday cake


Cookie monster cake

Asked for an Elmo or Cookie Monster cake, or a giant cupcake the idea of a cookie monster cake definitely appealed as it gave plenty of scope for creativity.

I had an idea how to do the hairy / furry surface and the bold blue colour of cookie would give a nice visual impact on the birthday table.

I cheated a bit by buying in the cookies – i’d meant to make them myself but got so busy that week i had no time.

Seems his eyes are saying “ooops, caught me !” and i hear that when his head was put into a cake tin, the muffled sound of him knocking on the side & mumbling “me want COOKIES!” was heard.

cookie monster cake

cookie monster cake


Bulldog Birthday Cake

This victoria sponge bulldog birthday cake was made to match to a set of supplied photographs of someones favourite bulldog.

After i’d made it & sat it in the corner, every time i looked around i got a fright thinking “wheres that dog come from!”.   The photos showed the eyes dark, so the end result is a bit “demon dog” – not like the real dog at all apparently.

  • Boxer Dog Cake

Teddy Bear Cake for a birthday

It seems love still lives & is in the shape of a Teddy Bear Cake. This was from a husband to his wife – and nowhere near valentines day. That’s so nice.

Come on the rest of you – lets see you buying cakes for your better halves: you know they love cake – get em a nice one, like this teddy bear cake.

teddy bear cake

ok, enough selling, heres the picture – and i’m off into the kitchen for another couple of cakes tonight for Jubilee bank holiday cakes.