Dont live local but still want to deliver cake in Tyneside?

So, you live somewhere else. What a shame you won’t see our glorious beaches, the clean air, the cheaper beer than down south, the crazily long summer evenings…

OK, you also dont get seagulls divebombing you after the chicks hatch, or long winter nights…

But maybe you’ve moved away & still have family or friends locally and want to send them a birthday or celebration cake? Well – now you can. My website has a page with PayPal built in – so you dont have to turn up with cash in your hand: You just let a stream of little electrons do the work. So far I’ve delivered cakes locally for people based in Australia & South Africa.

So – live abroad or in the smoke and want to send cakes to Geordies – get some here !

(you can also use it for sending deposits for cakes…lots of people are starting to do that)

mixed currencies for cakes

mixed currencies for cakes