Icing Sheet Cake Toppers

I’ve now got a printer that can print edible ink onto A4 sheets of icing. It seems to work well and I’ve used it mainly for my own cakes, but figure others might find printed topper sheets useful.

The sheets are printed & allowed to dry, then are protected from drying out by being placed in an A4 plastic zip loc bag with a sheet of instructions on how to get the best out of it.  At the moment you’ll need to come & collect the sheets as I haven’t worked out postage costs, but that’s coming. I can do A4 sheets in 3 versions:

  1. A single A4 page,
  2. A single 7.5″ circular sheet, or
  3. a set of 30 cupcake toppers on a precut sheet so you don’t need to find a cutter (beleive me its not as simple as it sounds!)

What goes on the A4 sheet is up to you – could be a single photo or maybe a variety of small images for cupcake toppers etc. Just attach the picture(s) to your enquiry on the contact page. I’d recommend you use as high a quality picture as you can get (so not a 65Kb thumbnail or you will be disappointed in the end result!)

I can work something up myself if all you have is a draft idea & i’ll charge a small design fee for that. I’ll be developing a set of templates for you to chose from later, so for now this is an “I have pictures, need it on icing” service.  base price £6 for a sheet, £1 for design

Cake topper icing a4

Cake topper icing a4