Cupcakes & Cakepops

Not all cakes are big & round, so when you are looking for just a small taste of heaven……… these are definitely sent to tempt !

  • Baby Shower Cupcakes
    Baby Shower Cupcakes
  • Muppet Cupcakes
    Muppet Cupcakes
  • mr men cupcakes
    mr men cupcakes
  • Penguin and Frog Cupcakes
  • assorted cakepops with hello kitty
    assorted cakepops with hello kitty
  • cake pop with white choc sprinkles and butterflies
  • nuts, chocolate, cake pop. mmmm!
  • tower of choc cupcakes with white choc ganache
  • box of valentines cupcakes
  • choc and spinkles cake pop
  • pink and butterflies cupcake
    pink and butterflies cupcake
  • box of white with red rose cupcakes
  • Assorted red velvet cupcakes
  • ghost cake pop for halloween
  • cupcakes with white choc butterfly detail
  • chocolate heaven mixed cupcakes
  • valentines cupcakes
  • rose on a cupcake detail
  • valentines cupcakes
  • white with rose cupcakes
  • valentines cupcakes
  • farmyard cupcakes
  • yummy choc and nut cakepops
  • choc cupcakes & flowers
  • white & dark chocolate cupcakes
  • marshmallow cupcakes
  • cupcakes detail
  • assorted cupcakes
  • baby shower blue swirl cupcakes
  • cow on a cupcake
  • box of uk themed cupcakes
  • best of british themed cupcakes
  • pistachio cupcake
  • pistachio cupcake
  • white cupcakes & flowers
  • red velvet & hearts cupcakes
  • pink & mixed hearts cupcakes
  • mini cupcakes
  • chocolate and bubbles cupcake
  • red velvet cupcakes with pink swirls
  • assorted cupcakes
  • white & red rose cupcake detail
  • white & red rose cupcake
  • white choc cupcakes
  • not terries – MINE !
  • red velvet and white choc cakepops
  • cupcakes and giant cupcakes
    cupcakes and giant cupcakes
  • batman cake pops
    batman cake pops
  • baby shower cupcakes
    baby shower cupcakes
  • belly dancing cupcakes
    belly dancing cupcakes
  • cat in the hat cupcakes
    cat in the hat cupcakes