Wedding Cake at Langley Castle

four tier wedding cake

four tier multiple flavour wedding cake fruit, choc, carrot & lemon

Back in 2011 I went to a few wedding  fairs and met many lovely people who were looking for locations, catering, clothing & wedding cakes!

Many of them stick in my mind, but the real stand out location where i delivered and set up a wedding cake this year was Langley Castle. It’s a fabulous location & when i got there it was sunny – a good sign.

The room was at the top & took a while to get all the parts of the cake up the stairs – lucky i got some help from the staff and i’d checked well in advance that they had a round cake base suitable for the cake.

The wedding cake was in four layers: fruit on the lower, lemon on the next, madiera and finally chocolate: something for everyone! Covering was ivory fondant.

I made the flowers to match the table decorations – Arum Lillies. As i was finishing the four tier wedding cake in the lovely alcove they have there, they were arranging the table decoration flowers – wow: how close to the real thing had i got & the yellow colour i’d dusted in the centre matched perfectly. Great planning !

So: some tips on planning your wedding cake.

1. Once you’ve booked your wedding – book the cake as well. At this stage you don’t need to have all the details (or even any!) – but you really need to secure the date for your wedding cake (typically with a deposit).

2. Go for a consultation when you have all the details: talk about the ideas you have – colours, cake type, number of layers, flavours, number of servings, stands, cake  decorations (like the flowers below). and plan the delivery place / time

3. Make contact a few weeks before the wedding to make sure everything still in place – and to pay the balance.